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Covers Volume I

Release Date: 13 July 2015

Format: CD album, download album

Label: Door 13 Music

Five of these tracks (1, 2, 4, 5, 8) were recorded in August 2014 in a live session with Steffe Sharpstrings (Here & Now, Planet Gong, Sentient, Psy Gong) and John Garden (Scissor Sisters, Alison Moyet, Mauve La Biche), Andy Budge, and David Payne.

Into the Indigo” was recorded around the time of the Perpetual Motion sessions, and features guest appearances by Graham Clark (Gong, Magick Brothers), and Spencer Cullum Jr. (Dead String Brothers, Steelism).

...eerie and electrifying...a tour-de-force of slow-burning intensity... (8/10)
Classic Rock Magazine

“... it’s not about it being a record that’s like this, or like that ... it’s one of the most singular, distinctive albums that I’ve been sent in quite a while ... it has that sort of lasting quality to it.”
Ian Abrahams, Spacerock Reviews

“ ... ‘Windsong’ ... a heavy, hypnotic psychedelic piece somewhere between The Doors’ ‘The End’ and some of Amon Düül II’s best work ... Adventurous yet melodic, Tygerland is one of 2015’s more interesting releases.”
Bill Kopp, Musoscribe

“It is NOT easy to write and arrange a solid SONG. To do so and manage to up the ante with a sense of adventure, all within the context of the song, makes things very interesting.”
Jerry Kranitz, Aural Innovations

“...a talented songwriter singer and musician of the top order.”
Jason Barnard, The Strange Brew

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