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Dirt Roads and Destiny

Lyrics by Cary Grace. © 2001 Cary Grace. All rights reserved.


The way of time
A creeping vine
Grows so slowly
It can pass you by
By twists and turns
A path it learns
It’s hard to trace back
To a reason why

But I’m not in search of sympathy
I'm just dreaming of dirt roads and destiny

The points of green
That push through the snow
Don’t know yet
Which way they’ll go
Intentions sown
Like tiny seeds
Talk to the flowers
Pull out the weeds

And it will all come down to honesty
As simple as dirt roads and destiny

In secret places
Out where the tracks don’t go
I can sit a while
And watch things grow
And though the earth is often unforgiving
Life is reason enough for living

Friendship or war
We all want more
Repeating patterns
Waves that mar the shore
But we’ll know fear and doubt
Until the sun burns out
And we’ve forgotten
What it was all about

But I’m not concerned with daylight or democracy
I’m just dreaming of dirt roads and destiny

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