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Real Life

Lyrics and music by Cary Grace. © 2006 Cary Grace. All rights reserved..

Lost, lost, all lost—
every direction that we go.
For beginning,
the ending is the cost.
Lost, lost, all lost.
To dream, to wake:
these are the chances that we take.
Flicker luminescent
in a frozen moment’s time,
then lost, all lost.

Free, free, we’re free.
I am the infinite blue sky,
and you the midnight
that comes down to cover me.
Free, free, we’re free.
And we can see for miles from here;
soaring high above the ground.
Caught in whirling motion
like petals in a gale;
free, we’re free.

But this can’t be real life—
this isn’t real life.
What does it feel like?
Put me together to take me apart.

Live, live, we live—
filled with something like a storm.
Moving backwards,
spinning wildly in the air,
live, live, we live.
Always running out of time;
always running unaware.
Arriving far too soon
to find success is bittersweet;
live, we live.

But this can’t be real life—
this isn’t real life.
Tell me, what does it feel like
to put me together to take me apart?

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