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Lyrics and music by Cary Grace. © 2006 Cary Grace. All rights reserved.

Golden phantom; sinking sun.
There was daylight, then was none.
Now time is constant, time is glass.
Smooth, unbending, hours pass.

Where you go,
you take light from the sky.
Breathe and flow,
between the stars where you fly.

Teeth and talons; steel and stone.
Walls and windows; skin and bone.
I can feel it on my skin—
tell myself it can’t get in.

Where you go,
you take the edge from the blade.
Spark and glow,
in the shadow and shade.

Wind is howling; wailing storm.
Depth and shallows: losing form.
It’s not the weather; weather’s clear
Outside it’s summer, but it’s cold in here.

Where you go, you take the heat from the flame.
Burning slow, make every moment the same.

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